FC Porto are one of the most famous clubs in European soccer. Their long list of honours, which includes 2 UEFA Champions League titles, makes them the most successful Portuguese club in history.

FC Porto


Founded in 1893 by a group of men who were strongly determined to create a symbol or an icon in which future generations would take pride. Their remarkable initiative is still remembered today. Blue and white were the colours chosen, a meaning of pureness, calmness and stillness of the mind.

Over the years FC Porto has developed and become the most successful Portuguese club in history and is recognized throughout the world for their successes on the European stage.

The club is also strong in basketball, handball, roller hockey, billiards, swimming, athletics, adapted sport, motorsports, boxing, camping, chess, fishing, karate and weightlifting. These teams contribute to the successful tradition and ensure the diversity and necessary involvement in the community’s well-being.

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