Chievo Verona International is an Italian professional football club named after and based in Chievo, a suburb of 4,500 inhabitants in Verona. A.C. ChievoVerona are also known as the 'Gialloblu.'. They remain one of the few teams in Italy that started in the lowest division and made it all the way to Serie A.

Chievo Verona International

An Italian football club located in Chievo, ChievoVerona was established in 1929. In the beginning it had no affiliation to the Italian Football Federation. It was in 1931 that the club actually played in an official league, having just played friendly, amateur matches up until then.

A handful of football fans from the local area were responsible for the initial founding of the team in the 1920s. In 1936 the team disbanded due to issues in the economy; however, they reunited a few years after World War II ended in 1948.

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