Image: View From Our Parents

View From Our Parents

Posted by Marketing, 14th January 2016

Shannon Smith, whose son Gavin was invited onto last year’s elite trip with Pro Partner Club Rangers, gives a short insight into the experience the family had and some advice for fellow parents…

“Scotland was the best vacation we ever had…that says a lot since we travel so much…we got to interface with everyone from GIS and they were just incredible. Whilst the kids were playing – we were looked after by GIS chaperones and they were 80% of the reason we had such a good time…they loved soccer and showed us how it was tied in to the culture of the local area – bringing their country to life.” “It does help having a GIS chaperone with you the whole time - you can then relax and let them look after the group whilst you concentrate on how much the kids are enjoying it!”

“For Gavin – being in a place like that…he was on cloud nine! When he’s playing – it makes him think critically about his soccer education and why he’s making certain decisions in scrimmages. The training was rigorous and diverse and the kids were really challenged to meet the standards laid down. Away from the training fields – we visited Edinburgh, watched a Rangers game and got to meet the coaches and get to know them. The facilities were world class and the coaches brought out the very best in Gavin. We would go back in a heartbeat.”

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