Image: USL Club San Antonio FC adds former West Ham United Elite Player Ethan Bryant

USL Club San Antonio FC adds former West Ham United Elite Player Ethan Bryant

Posted by Team, 5th March 2018

Sixteen-year-old Ethan Bryant has been added to USL club San Antonio FC’s roster as a USL Academy Player. This is an opportunity for Ethan to train with SAFC on a full-time basis and avoid any issues with his college eligibility.

In 2012, Ethan attended Global Image Sports’ West Ham United National Camp, and again in 2013. After his performance in the 2013 camp, he was invited on an exclusive Elite Trip back to London where he trained at the West Ham Academy.

“These events opened my eyes to what the next level was,” said Ethan. “I was surrounded by talented players that forced me to bring my game up a notch.”


Global Image Sports prides itself on producing authentic and challenging experiences through our partnerships with clubs such as West Ham United. Our primary goal is to make a lasting impression on players that motivate, teach, and give a renewed perspective on their abilities. A primary way we do that is through our National Camps and Elite Trips back to our partner clubs in Europe.

Ethan, in regards to his Elite Trip, “If I had to say what the most impactful aspect of the GIS West Ham experience, it would be being able to train with one of the best staffs in the world. To be able to play with that talented group of players, with world-class coaching, [it] was a great experience for me.”

One of the most beneficial aspects of the West Ham Elite Trip is the opportunity to be coached by some of the same coaches that developed the likes of Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand, and others. Exposing players to that level of coaching does wonders for their game upon returning home.

All of us here at Global Image Sports are thrilled to see how far Ethan has come and the opportunity he has in front of him. There is nothing that excites us more than our programming playing a part in players achieving their dreams. “My future aspiration is to play at the highest level I can.” said Ethan, “If my full potential allows me to play in the states, that’s great; if it allows me to play overseas, that’s awesome too. I just want to be playing at the highest level I can.”

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see him back in a West Ham United kit!

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