Image: Pro Club Spotlight: Staying Active

Pro Club Spotlight: Staying Active

Posted by Team, 13th April 2020

With the current situation across the world, many athletes young and old are struggling to find ways to still keep active while also practicing social distancing. Keeping active right now is important as it not only trains the body but the mind as well so that when everything goes back to normal you can start right where you left off. Here are a few ways that our professional partners and their players have found ways to still train and strengthen their soccer skills.

Our oldest partner West Ham United has championed these ideas from the very beginning of the shutdown and has come a long way with different ways to make sure their players and fans keep active. They created a new initiative that is called Hammer’s at Home through their website where any fan can find and post new ways they have found to keep active! These initiatives are daily videos that provide different ways to practice your soccer skills, exercise routines and ways of eating right at home. One of the first videos they introduced is one promoting different types of freestyle soccer moves to do in your backyard presented by Kweku Ansah and here’s the link to see more CLICK HERE. They also do a weekly challenge review where fans can submit their own challenges to the team and they are reviewed by the team’s staff to be selected to be highlighted in a new video. The email for all submissions can be sent to HammersChallenges@westhamunited.co.uk.

Watford FC has taken a different spin to stay active while being inside by producing challenges that help train and keep the mind active. These activities can be for young fans with different coloring/art projects, and for the older fans different trivia games about Watford and the Premier League. If you participate in these challenges you have the chance to be featured across the team’s social media pages by either using #ColouringWithHarry or sending your quiz results to the team’s Twitter @WatfordFC. They can be accessed by going to HERE and HERE more will come daily! Another program that Watford created is Hornets at Home promoted by club manager Nigel Pearson where the team, its staff, and even some club legends are calling some of Watford’s most isolated and at-risk fans who either need a helping hand or just need to talk to someone during the shutdown. To learn more about Hornets at Home follow this link where you can listen to the View From The Vic podcast that gives you more information and updates from the team.

Schalke in cooperation with the DFL and FIFA20 has done something for every soccer gaming fan to enjoy; playing and watching FIFA20 matches with players and Esports Influencers across video game streaming services. Schalke along with 26 other German teams are streaming live FIFA matches that any fan can watch and interact with what they are calling it the Bundesliga Home Challenge. What makes these games different from other FIFA20 streams is that they are regulated by the DFL, UEFA and FIFA and has regular weekly matches played by gamers and some of the teams’ players! In the first round, Schalke came away with the 3-1 win over FC St. Pauli and will be regularly streaming these games on Twitch every Sunday. To follow Schalke go to this Twitch Link where you can watch every new/old game. Also, stop by the Bundesliga Home Challenge web page where you can learn about and get constant updates on game scores and new match fixtures HERE.

During these times it can seem like there is nothing to do because of the shutdown. Luckily, our partners are constantly pumping out tons of content and activities that keep your mind and body active. The programs we’ve highlighted here are just the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to follow their social media accounts to see what the newest opportunity is each day!

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