Image: Global Image Sports & Sports Recruiting USA Bring College Services to North American Club Partners

Global Image Sports & Sports Recruiting USA Bring College Services to North American Club Partners

Posted by Team, 8th November 2017

November 7, 2017 - Global Image Sports (GIS) and Sports Recruiting USA (SRUSA), in coordination with their partnership formed in 2016, have added a college focused component to the current services and programs offered to GIS’s club partners.

SRUSA prides itself on providing elite college recruiting services to athletes and youth partners looking to bring greater opportunities to their older players. SRUSA have over 10,000 college coaches in their network and help 1,200+ athletes every year get noticed. Through their services, over 10 million dollars worth of scholarships have been earned.

Services Include:
★ Personal College Recruitment Director
★ Highlight Videos provided by SR Analysis
★ Online Profile
★ College Showcases
★ College ID Camps
★ And more…

Darran Walter, Operations Director of GIS: “Having worked with youth clubs all over the US, we know that many clubs are struggling to provide college recruiting services to their older players. As a result, many end up switching clubs. These SRUSA services will allow our club partners to bring more value to their older players and retain the individuals that they’ve spent years developing.”

Chris Cousins, Head of Operations for SRUSA: “We are all really excited about helping the GIS clubs around the US give even more realistic pathways to their players. We’ve seen for years many clubs all over the world who spend time developing these players, have no real pathways for them. With what GIS already provide and our services, the GIS clubs really will be the clubs to be at to move onto the next level, whatever that level is.”

1st Exclusive Opportunity for GIS Partner Clubs

SRUSA will be hosting the Third Annual SRUSA College Showcase in Naples, FL December 9-10, 2017. This tournament provides players the opportunity to not only be scouted by the college coaches in attendance, but also SRUSA staff who will be scouting for the hundreds of other colleges in their network that are not able to attend in person.

★ GIS partner clubs outside of Florida are able to attend for $250 per team.
★ GIS partner clubs within Florida are able to send two teams for the amount of $250.
★ GIS partner clubs therefore save up to $870! (Normal price: $995/ team)

For more information please go to the SRUSA College Showcase website at https://www.srusashowcase.com/. If you would like to register please email info@sportsrecruitingusa.com.

2nd Exclusive Opportunity for GIS Partner Clubs

GIS and SRUSA will be hosting the 2nd Annual GIS Winter Series in Atlanta, GA, December 15-17, 2017. For this event, NCAA coaches will be conducting 10+ hours of training sessions to showcase each player’s skill-set to the college coaches in attendance.

For more information please click here: GIS Winter Series

Stay tuned for more events in 2018!

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