Image: GIS Parents - Tour Feedback

GIS Parents - Tour Feedback

Posted by Marketing, 16th February 2016

In 2015 - Matt, Penny and Jack attended the West Ham United Australia Boys Elite Trip - here was what they had to say about their experience:

“Now that we are all back home - Jack, Matt & I wish to thank you immensely for the most amazing time away. We are all still on a high from the most spectacular experience we had whilst on this once in a lifetime trip. Every aspect was truly amazing from the great hotels you arranged, the ground transport, meals and yes - we still love our sandwiches! To the exciting games we saw and the amazing atmosphere we all experienced sitting in those grandstands at each and every one of the games we went to. The skill and speed of the players on the field, the crowds and the whole experience was one we will never forget and hope to one day replicate it all again. All the time and effort you poured into this to make it one exceptional journey for not only the boys (& girl) and all the parents involved did not go unnoticed.”

The West Ham United Oceania National Camp

“The whole trip was very inspiring for Jack. It not only helped him with his ability and skills but gave him an insight into football as a whole and for this we are truly grateful. From this whole experience he has grown and his dream of playing football all the time especially as a professional player has now only grown. With such intensity we are sure Jack will pursue his dream and his strong ambition to succeed will take him on a long journey he is willing to go on. He knows that he has a long road to travel ahead of him but this trip has only cemented his passion for football even more. Jack looked forward to each and every day on the tour and we could see that he wanted the amazing feeling he had each day to last. When we got back from the UK Matt & I asked Jack what his ambition was now and he turned and said “I will become a professional soccer player.” This being the case I am sure our paths will cross again.”

Matt, Penny & Jack

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