GIS Internship Program Review: Garrett Hall

Posted by Team, 17th February 2020

Working in the world of sports is a goal many share. After all, being able to take a passion and make a career out of it is what dream jobs are made of! Here at Global Image Sports, we have been able to give many students and recent grads their first taste of the sports world through the GIS internship program. One such intern was Garrett Hall, a 2010 graduate of the University of Tennessee.

Back in 2010, GIS was just starting to expand beyond West Ham United and needed motivated interns to help aid this new venture. Garrett was hired as a New Media Productions Intern in the summer of 2010 and became immediately involved. “From the first night, they made sure that us interns were interacting with everyone, including the top coaching staff from the National Events.”, said Garrett of his first few weeks on the job.

Soon, GIS started developing partnerships with historic clubs like Sheffield Wednesday Wolverhampton Wanderers, Italian mainstays Sampdoria and Chievo Verona and Dutch side FC Utrecht. Now with more global partners within GIS’s ranks, Garrett was given the challenge of making their websites, domain names and social media for each team. “I had to learn the brand of each club and do my best to make each campaign unique and keep the club happy. GIS challenged me to think outside the box and take harder, but more rewarding routes.”

Ten years later, Garrett is still using the skills and lessons learned during his time with GIS. “Global Image Sports wound up teaching me a lot during my time. Taught me to always think about all of the different markets that a decision could affect.  It showed me international business.  It also showed me what I wanted to look for in a company. GIS did a great job of providing a vision of where they wanted GIS to move to, and then they let everyone do their part to push the business forward.  There was very little micromanaging which allowed time for people to create in their own way. – GIS also taught me time management and placing importance on different things.”

Now, Garrett is the Control Room Graphics Producer for Mercedes-Benz Stadium and has successfully spent ten years working in sports. When asked about what it takes to make a career in sports Garrett said, “A life in sports is whatever you make it to be.  Day 1 of Sports Management at Tennessee they told us only 1 in 3 people will spend their career working in sports.  I did not believe it that day because everyone was devoted. But now that I have had a 10-year career revolving around sports, it is 100% true.  It is nothing to be afraid of, but it is something to be aware of.  So be ready to work and be ready to make connections.”

From all of us at GIS, past and present, congratulations Garrett on your continued success!

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