Image: GIS Family Spotlight: Dallybraun

GIS Family Spotlight: Dallybraun

Posted by Team, 20th June 2018

In this GIS Blog Series, we talk with families to get a closer insight into how they have benefited from GIS related programming from a soccer, experiential, and family perspective. We are nothing without our all-star families and hopefully, these blogs will show our immense appreciation for the trust they put in us.

We are pleased to introduce you to the Dallybraun Family!


Tell us a little bit about your family and your involvement with soccer.

Team Dally - Braun
Dad - Ken
Soccer mum - Cassandra
Soccer crazy kid - Travis
Supporting sister - Gisele

Soccer is a daily part of our life. We have a field on our lifestyle block and we all support different teams, which makes it interesting!!!
Trav plays for Onehunga Sports and is part of the elite academy for the Wellington Phoenix soccer school, based in Auckland.



At what ages did Travis start attending GIS related events?

Trav started playing soccer at the age of 4 and since that first day, there hasn’t been a day, that he hasn’t kicked a ball.

What events have you all attended?

GIS WHU camps came to Australia in 2014 and we flew Trav to Brisbane to attend the national camp and trial for the WHU Elite Training in London. Trav was selected to go and that is when our long-term affiliation with GIS started.
Since then he has attended -
7 New Zealand Training Camps
5 New Zealand Elite ID Camps
4 Austrailian Elite ID Camps
5 London Elite Camps
1 Separate camp in London with George Cowie GIS Scotland/ England Tour

In what ways have you seen these GIS events impact his development as soccer players?

We see this as an important part/piece of the puzzle, that it takes in the steps to becoming a pro footballer. These events with GIS have allowed Trav to grow on and off the field. He has always been a calm, polite yet very driven young man and these training camps help him to push himself in professional surroundings, meeting like-minded families, players, and coaches. As well as playing alongside boys who again are there for self-development.



What has his experience been like on our Elite Trips?

Every trip has been slightly different, but all have been positive and Trav has taken plenty on board. A Particular memory is the game between the WHU International Elite boys VS WHU Academy boys. Trav scored 2 goals to win the game. They were both great goals and that’s always a memory to keep.


What is one of the more memorable moments you’ve had either on a trip or at a camp?

An amazing moment was being on the last Boleyn Ground match day… the passion and atmosphere of the people in the club and supporters were incredible. Also, getting to meet Mark Noble, Andy Carroll, and Winston Reid. Mark Noble actually took the time to speak to Trav, and that is something he will never forget.



If there was a family who was nervous about national camp or skeptical about the value of traveling to Europe with GIS, what would you say to them?

If anyone is not sure about attending a GIS camp, we have attended many and will continue to attend many more… we have never had any problems with any aspect of the camps, and investing in your children is the best investment of all. GIS is the real deal. You get to train, play, and interact with the real academy coaches, in their facilities.

And lastly, a fun one… Who is your favorite pro club and why?!

The teams we support are West Ham United, Liverpool and Real Madrid!










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