Image: GIS Announces 50% ownership of the Meulensteen Method

GIS Announces 50% ownership of the Meulensteen Method

Posted by Team, 30th August 2019

Dear GIS Customers & Partners

Today we are happy to announce that GIS has acquired a 50% ownership stake in the Meulensteen Method.

The Meulensteen Method offers an exciting opportunity for GIS to strengthen and expand its service offering in industry leading coaching,  player development and coach education.

“Rene is truly one of the best youth development coaches in the world with a proven track record throughout his career specifically during his time at Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson. We are delighted to continue to invest developing our great game here in the USA. We truly believe that starts with providing access to the best coaches and coaching tools available” GIS Owner and CEO James Abrahart.

The expanded business will serve 400+ Youth soccer clubs and organizations across the USA and internationally by providing unique opportunities for clubs, players, coaches and parents.

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The Meulensteen Method is a management company based out of Michigan, USA that specializes in coaching, curriculum, and technical skills events around North America. The program provides young players an encouraging environment where they receive training to develop into technical, creative, and confident players in 1v1 scenarios.

The concept was developed by Rene Meulensteen, former Manchester United First Team Coach and current Australia National Team Assistant-Coach. At United, Rene started as a skill development officer at its famed youth academy before being promoted to First Team Coach under Sir Alex Ferguson. Rene has worked with players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, and many others. Rene also helped develop current Manchester United academy graduates such as Jesse Lingard, Scott McTominay, and Marcus Rashford.


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The Meulensteen Method provides coaches an unmatched understanding of player-focused skills development and how to provide the best possible learning environment. The Meulensteen Method curriculum, coach education, and support continues to inspire thousands of coaches and players to become the best they can be.

GIS prides itself on being one of the leading sports management companies in North America by offering expert coaching, coaching education and unique player opportunities. The acquisition of the Meulensteen Method is another way of providing this to our current and future youth partner clubs.


Video announcement from Rene Meulensteen

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