Image: Global Image Sports announces Sponsorship services

Global Image Sports announces Sponsorship services

Posted by Team, 29th June 2018

In an effort to continue bringing unrivaled opportunities and value to our partners, Global Image Sports is pleased to announce the new GIS Sponsorship Consultancy Service.

Sponsorship dollars are a top priority for most youth soccer clubs in North America. Unfortunately, most clubs don’t know which companies are spending, who to talk to, or what to say; and even if they did, many clubs don’t have the reach to warrant the investment.

“Most community-based youth soccer clubs experience similar financial challenges each year. Mainly balancing the needs of the club and improving their programs, services, and member experience while doing their best to keep costs to members as low as possible. Creating new revenue streams with sponsorship and major fundraising initiatives is a logical next step. GIS has been a great business partner for the past 6 years and we look forward to working with them to improve our member experience in the coming years!”

Kevin Crow - Ballistic United Executive Director

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The Sponsorship Consultancy Service will have those questions answered and the resources to entice major brands and companies by utilizing our 400+ youth club partners, 15 professional club partners, and a reach of over 300,000 players. This “pooling” of resources will allow GIS to develop attractive options for major corporations to use their sponsorship budgets on GIS partner clubs.



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“The Ellicott City Soccer Club has benefited greatly from strategic partnerships and sponsorships. With the rising costs of youth sports today, this revenue helps us keep our costs down to the families without cutting programs, essentially giving our players more for less. In addition, we can provide a platform for the sponsors to promote their products to our members. It allows the sponsors the opportunity to increase awareness of their brand at a fraction of the cost of print, television and billboard advertisements. It also creates a sense of community within the club as we support Local, Regional and National Brands! It is a win-win-win arrangement with our families, partners and a huge benefit to our club!”

Ken Heydt - President Ellicott City Soccer Club


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For over a decade, GIS has been known for our commitment to offering incredible opportunities to players. We are excited to bring that same commitment to our partner clubs to help continue the work they so passionately pursue.


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