Image: Global Image Sports announces Professional Partnership with Club Atlético Huracán

Global Image Sports announces Professional Partnership with Club Atlético Huracán

Posted by Team, 18th April 2018

April 18th, 2018 – Club Atlético Huracán of the Super Liga Argentina De Futbol have agreed to a joint venture partnership with sports management company, Global Image Sports, in order to launch a North American Academy project.

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The ethos behind the partnership is to enable players from North America to benefit from South American coaching philosophies and provide the opportunity for aspiring young soccer players to be able to travel to Argentina and experience the iconic footballing culture and landmarks of Buenos Aires.

With so much South American influence being prevalent in the MLS at the moment and Argentina being a two-time world cup winning nation, it will allow the creation of player identification programs, new coaching styles and travel opportunities that are very different to the current European models, but that is grounded in South American flair and skill development.


CA Huracan Stadium


Huracán was established in 1908 and have won 13 top flight domestic titles as well as recently being crowned champions of the 2014 Supercopa Argentina.

CA Huracán Chairman, Fernando Moroni said, “We hope to find in this new alliance with GIS a means to share with North American soccer players over 100 years of experience of producing professional players, as well as our unique passion and feeling for the game of football.”

Aldo Marinelli, GIS Partnerships Executive said, “We are delighted to be partnering with our first South American professional club and look forward to the unique opportunities it will bring. The Huracán model offers something different compared to our European professional clubs and is based on flair, expression and built on the principles of producing players with individual quality”


CA Huracan Youth


For more information – please email Aldo Marinelli via aldo@globalimagesports.com


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