Image: GIS Announces Formal Partnership Arrangement with Xplore

GIS Announces Formal Partnership Arrangement with Xplore

Posted by Team, 18th July 2017

Xplore The World (Xplore) and Global Image Sports LLC (GIS) have today signed a formal partnership arrangement in order to help each other grow in various aligning markets across the globe.

Ian Lewis, CEO from Xplore commented, “we have been talking to GIS and the team for a few months now and it has become apparent that we all have a similar vision. We have over 20 years of continued growth and experience and now have a team of over 75 people in various countries. We continue to see Europe, Asia and the US as great markets for our services, and the formal partnership with GIS will help both organisations grow.”

James Abrahart, CEO of GIS said, “Xplore are a perfect partner for us. We will be able to invest time, money, and energy to continue growing this partnership and provide opportunities as a result of working with each other. We want to share these opportunities to build a team that can provide global services in sports and education and we have been very impressed with Xplore’s team and their values & commitment. They have a great history of integrity and delivering excellent services and experiences so we hope to continue to improve our collaboration in the coming months and years.”

Xplore is a leading independent provider of educational travel packages and study abroad programs for the youth / student market. Based in Suffolk (UK) and founded by Ian Lewis (CEO) in 2002 the business has continued to grow and develop over the years and now also has offices / operations in Ireland, Germany, France, USA and China. Key products and programs include; short-term junior language courses, academic year placements and bespoke group travel. Throughout all Xplore is dedicated in providing the very best experience and welfare for its students whilst maintaining excellent levels of service and support to its partners across all sectors.

Global Image Sports are an industry leading sports management and marketing agency who work with over 15 professional European sports clubs and facilitate their commercial and technical strategies in international markets. Based in North America, Europe, South-East Asia and Oceania, GIS has been in operation for over a decade. Key programs include player identification, coaching development, residential long-term academy placements and commercial and marketing strategies for professional clubs overseas. At all levels of its operation, GIS ensures the strictest standards of player welfare, due diligence and quality in everything it does and strives to maintain its role as the market leader through progressive programming, dynamic offerings and world-class provision of coaching education.

For more information, please contact ben.sinclair@xploretheworld.com or info@globalimagesports.com

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